dare to offer peace to everyone


A Foundation created in memory of Stephen Joseph Griffin 

04.07.96 - 12.10.15

The Be Kind. Always. Foundation and by D.O.P.E. (Dare to Offer Peace to Everyone) Clothing line was created by Stephen's siblings, Timothy and Jessica Griffin. Our message is not only to spread mental health awareness, but also to spread the message of kindness and humility. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to offer a platform for the voices of those who tend to go unheard,... and for those who share random acts of kindness on a daily basis without recognition.

Our brother, Stephen, spent much of his short life reaching out to those with similar struggles, offering words of support and motivation to help them. His message was to always be kind since you never know what someone is battling internally. We are here to continue this extension of peace, and we in turn dare you to offer peace to everyone.