What We Offer

The Be Kind. Always. Foundation offers a clothing line, D.O.P.E. (Dare to Offer Peace to Everyone), where all proceeds are put towards mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We encourage those who buy any of our products to share our message through social media (feel free to send us pictures!), using our hashtags:

#BeKindAlways #BeKindForStephen #DaretoOfferPeacetoEveryone #DOPE

Our foundation has been involved in events such as fitness donation classes, school assemblies, and charities. Check out pictures in our "Get to Know Us" Section! If you are interested in involving us in your organization or event, please contact us with details regarding how we can show support.

Please follow our story through our social media:


Proceeds made from our foundation are donated to organizations such as the American Foundation for Suicide Foundation, Minding Your Mind, and other various mental health awareness groups who make a continuous effort to break the stigma, offer education and resources, and truly make a difference in people's lives.

We are extremely proud and humbled to announce our official brand ambassador, Juliet Stabler & The Wall Cycling Studio. Julie and her team have been instrumental in the promotion of our organization, and are a true support to the message behind our cause. The Wall Cycling Studio goes much beyond fitness classes. They are constantly offering amazing deals including insane discounts, birthday clubs, apparel & accessories, gift giveaways, contests, and of course, pop-up fitness classes that center on the importance of mental health. Can you tell we love them? Go check them out!